CMJourneyz: FADER Interns Bust Feet, Don’t Meet Kanye

October 25, 2010

The end of CMJ is sad if only because we can't make our interns digitally talk to each other about the shows we made the go to. Ok, they picked what shows they wanted to go to. They have good taste (mostly! jk their taste fully sucks. jk about that last jk)! After the jump, read Naomi Zeichner and Duncan Cooper's final IM conversation about Friday and Saturday at the big festival in New York City. This time it has pictures!

Duncan: when i woke up today the first thing i did was check our email thread to see what shows i was going to. Its 11 I’ve been up 8 hrs

Naomi: bodyclock bust. All I’m doing this week is hot yoga and kale juicing. Let's talk Friday: You ever been to Greenpoint before? That my hoodd

Duncan: wut was in greenpoint

Naomi: You joking? We were at Coco66 watching some bandz clown

Duncan: light asylum! they didnt do "shallow tears" i didnt even care. That track is gonna be this year's "graveyard girl" / this year's "streetlights" / my fighting-depression wheelhouse. the whole time i was tapping my gf on the shoulder like "omg they're the perfect band" like, wow wish sing like the fuckin cave of winds

Naomi: I'm a major Shannon Funches crusher; her wine color beret was beautiful. what was Bruno's TShirt?

Duncan: siouxsie n the banshees.

Naomi: big up Coco66 on the lights; red/blue/green crosses on Light Asylym and spilling to the audience, big white starburst coming out from back of Tamaryn, dressed in all black/lace/leather

Duncan: omg 3 weeks ago i listen to tamaryn's cd twice. the cousin it hair she was on fire. the bassist looked like bon jovi

Naomi: Thing No Joy can claim best cuz It hair.

Naomi: Tamaryn's three songs were a strong postscript to the Frankie set, dark tambourine wizardress to their good gogo angels. one of the Frankie intros sounded a lot like Doobie Bro’s Drift Away which is the song they played on Dawson’s Creek when his dad died in that car crash. I got chilly

Duncan: i dont want to diminish the 800 other shows i didnt go to but maaaaan this was the one

Naomi: THEN the cops came and ticketed the shit out of the venue, potentially putting hard damage on future fog machine scene for everyone ☹

Duncan: shout out my freshman year. really put it over the top for me

Naomi: I wish I could say the same! Don Pedros after was 2mess. But also hindsight, maybe one of the best shows I saw?

Duncan: pedros?

Naomi: Is a two-level bar in the gray zone alternately referred to on craiglist as East Williamsburg/ Bed Stuy/ Bushwick/ McKibben. I've seen Tony Castles a couple times and been without stance, but against the landscape of almost Jesus and Mary Chain cover bands I saw all week, they really killed

Duncan: the first time i saw a tony castles video i thought it was drake and josh.... the vid for "black girls in dresses" ... so endearing.

Naomi: little scummy to charm, but the songs are stickers and wonder how Paul Sicilian got to sing so good. I barely saw anyone sing all week. But shots and folks standing on the speakers and I snuck out with no goodbye, could barely stay upright on the shuttlebus ride home next day

Duncan: ya i was dying last night. sometimes i'd try and touch my toes, like to see if i could still bend from the standing / stanky leg position.. somehow i lost the sole to my right boot?

Naomi: I haven't pulled together boots for this season. socks with Kork Ease is a look I'm standing behind but not good for a brah out rock show. so stomped on!

Duncan: bold moves

Naomi: Standing tall. Heavy Cream were real snarly, then between sets while I was falling in love with stoney pensive Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum their supporting guitarist told me that his dad played guitar for Dolly Parton and they're buds still. Ty Segall was in the audience for more than half his set and didn't really sing too much. Everyone booed when he talked about one happy year of private school when he was 9, designing subway systems on the Upper West. What'd you think of Glasser/Freddie Gibbs at the Fader Fort?

Duncan: rly love glasser, i was doing the cooking dance throughout, just trying to bridge some gaps

Naomi: Freddie's set was like watching the end or beginning of a friend-forever kids movie where everyones grown up okay

Duncan: steadily overlooked dude before saturday, but this morning in bed i rolled over and was like "take money money fake money money"

Naomi: and public assembly after?

Duncan: making time party, which is this huge monthly in philly. i think i did like 9.5 hours of shows that day, not counting burrito break. i think matthew dear went on at 2:30? wearing tuxes and breaking everybodys hearts. i was openly weeping from heel pain, suppressing every urge to live tweet because my phone was dying and i literally cannot move without looking at google maps.

Naomi: And you missed Kanye

Duncan: i downloaded it, in a background window as i type

Naomi: leaving knitting factory on bike in the rain choice was 'can follow twitter feed to line-to-Ye down the street OR just take off my pants in my own house'. I figure we'll meet when the universe wills it; wasn't our moment

Duncan: my phone died the second i texted my gf i was on my way home, like everything gr8 about life

CMJourneyz: FADER Interns Bust Feet, Don’t Meet Kanye