NYC: Celebrate Atlanta Rap with Photographer Michael Schmelling Tomorrow


Michael Schmelling, esteemed photographer and FADER contributor, spent two years chronicling the Atlanta hip-hop scene and the city’s shift into rap’s cultural epicenter. Capturing striking images of ATL youth culture, rappers on the rise and national favorites, he has compiled his photographs in a book, Atlanta—with writing and interviews from the New Yorker‘s Kelefa Sanneh and GQ‘s Will Welch (formerly of the FADER)—and we’d love for you to help us fete its release. Join Schmelling and probably half the present FADER staff tomorrow for Atlanta‘s book party and signing at Dashwood Books, don’t be late. Full flyer after the jump.

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  1. FLIP says:

    “probably half the present FADER staff”

    Couldn’t just say the squadron, huh?

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