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Ayshay's Muslim Trance Mix MP3

Ayshay is a stage name of Fatima Al Qadiri, Sengal-born new renaissance maker working in video, music, and snappy dressing. Her new mini mix for Dis Magazine is a 15-minute meditation service made of sampled "sacred Shi’ite and Sunni acapella." It's enunciated by ecstatic peaks (get in at 2:45 or 9:17), reminders that hope and clarity is there for the taking in moments of estranged rumination. When you're plus one at a wedding or in the pedicure chair, for instance. Fatima is well tread in transformative outsider reflection, having spent the years after the first Gulf War in Kuwait where she grew up forcibly kept to herself, with time and space to cultivate and safeguard a thorough spectrum of personal values and concerns. That's how you want to listen to this, while taking time out alone to plow more-deep into those things that require slow burn attention (because your yoga teacher is not going to end with it next time). Dissertation, physics homework, or relationship next moves, whatever's realer to you. Then, find Fatima at her regular Global.Wav column, where this week she's talking about the Snooki of Morocco.

Download: Ayshay, "Muslim Trance"

Ayshay's Muslim Trance Mix MP3