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Premiere: Salva, "Blue" MP3


Paul Salva is a funky motherfucker. "Blue," his first single from his forthcoming album Complex Housing, is all late night vibes and a martini at a classy-ass lounge—his synth riffs are straight up chilling in the cut. Like his friends Rustie and Hudson Mohawke, Salva has a way with fast-forwarding funk into the super-future, spit-shining his bass and beats until they gleam so bright you kinda go blind. It is awesome! The only thing that sucks is the album isn't out until February, what the fuck! The thing that doesn't suck is that it will have remixes by MachineDrum, B Bravo, My Dry Wet Mess and Lazer Sword's Lando Kal. You also may know Salva in his home of SF and the world for being the label head of outre beat monsters Frite Nite. This gives us warm feelings. Also, any musician who would allow their cat to be the focus of their press photo is obviously A MAJORLY GOOD DUDE.

Download: Salva, "Blue"

Premiere: Salva, "Blue" MP3