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Blixaboy, "New Age Steppa" MP3

Blixaboy goes deep into the dubstep cut with "New Age Steppa," but he doesn't stumble on tropes or played wobble—it's more like he crafted the track on a sculpting wheel, spinning it smooth until all the kinks were out. It's a burner of a track and not something you'd necessarily expect from a dude living in a place like Denton, Texas (sidebar: new Friday Night Lights!)—it feels more like London to JA. But then Blixaboy started out his career in a psychedelic rock band so who knows what wild things they're doing down there in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex (confession: wikipedia'd that). This is from Blixaboy's new album, Kliks & Politiks, out now on his own imprint Astroblaque.

Download: Blixaboy, "New Age Steppa"

Blixaboy, "New Age Steppa" MP3