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Stream: Becoming Real f. Trim, “Like Me” and “Showdown in Chinatown”

October 29, 2010

Nothing like starting the day off with Becoming Real's fractured electronic snaps and pings. It's not the smoothest way to wake up by any means, like opening you're bleary eyes and getting punched in the mouth by a bunch of computers. But it's a testament to this dude's talent to...compose? Is that what is going on? The stuff here makes seems almost like some kind of sound sculpture, but more fun to listen to. It seems like maybe it takes spacial intelligence to make music like this. To figure out how to place tiny snippets of harsh noise into a pleasurable, humming whole. We've been tracking Becoming Real's progression for awhile now, and he just keeps getting more complex and interesting. These two songs are no exception. If that's not enough, you can always trawl through our archives for older tracks or hit his Bandcamp page for a few freebies Grab the two songs streaming below in physical form on November 18th, and catch Becoming Real on tour with Salem in the UK in November.

Showdown In Chinatown (feat. Trim) by Becoming Real

Like Me (feat. Trim) by Becoming Real

Stream: Becoming Real f. Trim, “Like Me” and “Showdown in Chinatown”