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Lynnda Needles Sews Her Own Oats

Back in F66, we profiled Lynnda Needles, the woman who had carved perhaps the craftiest niche in the entire industry. As knitwear consultant for a number of top labels, she'd zip around from brand to brand and help designers get their stitches in order, assisting and teaching them old crochet techniques that most people had given up on for faster fashion. Just nine months later, that singular vision has transformed Needles into her own boss, knitting her ideas into a new line, A Minute Silence. And starting today you can buy the fruits of that labor on her web site, including a playful, geometric-print collaboration with Corgi on socks. It just gets easier and easier to make Needles your own. Check out a video of the socks in action after the jump.

Lynnda Needles Sews Her Own Oats