Video Premiere: KIT, “Rain” (Prod. by Phil Elvrum) + “Mercatine” MP3

We thought we were living the best lives imaginable but we sooo weren’t, this KIT video for “Rain” is more fun than our past six weeks. Wish we had a million guitars, wish we had a million friends. Wish our band when we were 20 was produced by Phil Elverum (of the Microphones and Mt Eerie!), for god’s sake. All we have is a roommate with Rock Band. But this video gobbles up our bad vibes, spits that shit out and turns it into chewing gum. So thank you KIT, happiness is at an all time high, we’re giving out free MP3s! Paying it forward 2010.

Download: K.I.T., “Mercatine”

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  1. Sir Indie says:

    Wow! The video was intense! LOL! Know I want to go driving through some corn fields to see if anyone else is jamming like that in them. :D

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  3. psycke says:

    that a cooll ass video
    looks like it was hella fun to make
    and the song is totally party city tune