Premiere: O. Children, "Fault Line (Shuttle Remix)" MP3

photographer Hedi Slimane

Over the past year of O. Children posts on, we have namedropped the following people: Peter Murphy, Hedi Slimane, David Lee Roth, Feist, Psychedelic Furs and Judd Nelson. Normally we stay away from direct references, but that does actually describe pretty well what this band sounds like. They are gothic-pop-rebels in tight black jeans and leather who would probably ask you to hold their doobage if necessary. Consider us the Andy Warhol of mp3 bloggers because we're about to drop another semi-famous name. This new remix, from O. Children's December 6th all-remix album (tracklist after the jump), is by Shuttle, aka Nate Donmoyer aka the drummer from Passion Pit aka a guy who likes UK funky. It's pretty great. Here's another name: Jesus. Jesus would love this remix, because it sounds like a hymnal when Tobi O'Kandi sings and the drums are banging. Barack Obama.

Fault Line (Canblaster remix)
Heels (Chad Valley Remix)
Don't Dig (JoeAndWillAskRemix)
Fault Line (Shuttle Remix)
Heels (Melé Remix)
Dead Disco Dancer(TheGoldenFilter Remix)
Heels (AC Slater Remix)
Ruins (Heartbreak Remix)
Heels (Mugwump Remix)
Ruins (Drop The Lime's Afterhours Mix)
Don’t Dig (Jam Factory Remix)
Ruins (Jokers Of The Scene Remix)

Premiere: O. Children, "Fault Line (Shuttle Remix)" MP3