Video Premiere: Becoming Real f. Trim, “Like Me”

Recently, eccentric production mastermind Becoming Real has been working with various grime emcees. It’s only since he’s been working with vocals that he’s had to tone down his robotic busyness to make room for human vocals that his music has taken on a kind of otherworldly, nocturnal snap quality. Like if D4L spent all their time hanging out in the projects in London at night. The video is pretty much one of the more horrifying things we’ve watched in recent memory. Complete darkness—barking dogs, halogen lit outside hallways. Concrete everything. It is basically the most awesome sounding nightmare around. Pre-order Becoming Real’s upcoming EP right here.

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  1. Bagel says:

    A poor Zomby imitation.

  2. cream cheese says:

    sounds more like bagel to me. better than bagel though i think…