Video: Odd Future Swag Surfed NYC + Shout Outs

Tyler's got a nice shirt and a lot of feelings about his dad. He's polite enough to stage dive not feet first and got a pretty high jump kick. Syd got the WG gang signs on lock. Swag swag swag swag. Lotsa guys, coupla girls, "French," press my buttons. Bonobo on the Webster Hall main stage, us in the basement, Odd Future in the underground not for long. We just came to watch the spectacle. That's what she said. Video above the jump, after the jump, with shoutouts to our favorite crowd members/lurkers.

Shout out to the guy who knew every word to every song but couldn't get a photo off without getting moshed.
Shout out to Noz. Your hair is fully Point Break.
Shout out to the girl on the side of the stage saying swag swag swag swag swag swag like they were the lyrics to every song. Then they were.
Shout out to Jamie James Medina who didn't appear to have a camera.
Shout out to Nocito, no camera either.
Shout out to the overwhelmed girl working the register who made some other dude do it.
Shout out to the guy in the Black Flag shirt.
Shout out to the tallest person in the world both blocking our view and smoking weed right in front of us but not offering.
Shout out to the guy who almost got in a fight, OFWGKTA shirt tied around his head. He said he'd see the other guy after the show, but he left pretty quick.
Shout to Earsnot, the other guy. Left Brain shuffled him off stage after his cameo. Sweet pants.
Shout out to Jon Caramanica of the NY Times, who we didn't see but it's completely impossible that he wasn't there.
Shout out to Zach Baron and Christopher Weingarten, the comedy and tragedy of the Village Voice, not sure who's who.
Shout out to Jamie who came straight from the bus in Ithaca with a pillow and a duffle bag.
Shout out to Chocolate Bobka and Friendship Bracelet.
Shout out to Trouble and Bass guy with the circle glasses.
Shout out to former FADER intern Cindy who came by herself. Junior in college, she pointed out she's still older than Odd Future.
Shout out to Duncan and Naomi.
Shout out to Stereogum.
Shout out to Pitchfork.
Shout out to the dude who signed Vampire Weekend.
Shout out to Heathcliff. Little Dragon/Odd Future mashups in the works.
Shout out to Catchdubs, house DJ, who played Dipset, more than once. Suck it! (Or not).
Shout out to Modular Records, though probably not in that capacity.
Shout out to Sean Fennessey.
Shout out to Brendan Frederick and Complex.
Shout out to True Panther.
Shout out to Matador.
Shout out to Vice.
Shout out to Dante Ross.
Shout out to Mos Def's hat.
Shout out to Mos Def.

Video: Odd Future Swag Surfed NYC + Shout Outs