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Exclusive: Drake Live at Radio City Music Hall

We recently saw Drake perform live at Radio City Music Hall. Although we generally think of the dude as an INTERNATIONAL MEGASTAR who is just looking for true love, he's still got a ways to go before he reaches, say, Jay-Z status. Which is to say Drake is actually a great performer, hitting the stage for 90+ minutes accompanied by fireworks and a backing band and little else, but when his guests are legendary status it shows how much bigger he can still get. So yeah, this might have been one of the highest profile gigs yet, but he deserved to be there, obviously. This exclusive 90 second clip is from the full show that will air on Fuse TV on November 24th, heretofore known as Drakesgiving. Spread the word with @FuseTV and #DrizzyOnFuse.

Exclusive: Drake Live at Radio City Music Hall