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Video Premiere: Woolfy, "Looking Glass"

We once saw a wild turkey while listening to this song. Or maybe we summoned a wild turkey, walking in the woods with this pastel song on repeat. That was back in the days of matchbook size clip on iPod Nanos, aka two years ago and finally the single for the "Looking Glass," featuring a remix by Canyons, has been released. Woolfy is a British-born, California-raised guy whose parents own a bar, which maybe explains why we always thought his songs sounded like gregarious, slightly Irish and fond of the production work of James Murphy. Seems it was mutual. The video for "Looking Glass" is neon in a bed with pretty women—hints of the ridiculously cool video for Gavin and Delia's "Revlee." DFA is just a factory for vibed out opaque vibes, get into it.

Video Premiere: Woolfy, "Looking Glass"