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Premiere: Niki and the Dove, "Mother Protect" MP3

Sometimes we think about being blonde, not dying our hair but being blonde forever and all the different colored shirts we would have and looking good skateboarding. It's quite sad really, realizing the limits of your own image. We couldn't remember what Malin Dahlström looked like, the frontwoman of Niki and the Dove, and of course she's blonde, devastatingly so. Her voice has the same something we love in so many Nordic pop singers that we promised ourselves we wouldn't mention, those inimitable fragile gasps and massive roars. What's so beautiful about "Mother Protect" is for three minutes you don't think it's going to go there then all of a sudden, yup, it's a rocket taking off, flames splayed everywhere as Niki/Malin belts out YOU CAN'T KEEP ME DOWN.

Download: Niki and the Dove, "Mother Protect"

Premiere: Niki and the Dove, "Mother Protect" MP3