Diplowatch 2010 #3: Diplo Rates Hot Girl Tumblrs

"Diplo's Top 50 Hot Girl Tumblrs" is the reason the internet exists. If someone introduced Al Gore and Diplo the Large Haldron Collider would probably start working. A few of our favorite comments:

-real lif hospital pics + a shout out to me so im into it! also mary kate appearance so its legit
-lots of condoms + kittens + hippos and the girl is totally cute.. win
-mostly wierd i dont understand but i really like it i wish it had naked people tho
-too many dudes.. but there is a kitten so its cool
-great cause it has all the latest it girls and hot pics of them so i can keep em all straight so i might have to book mark it so i can tell other it girls how the it girl scene is popping and layout is great but i dont like will smith today

Diplowatch 2010 #3: Diplo Rates Hot Girl Tumblrs