It is Okay to Wear These Sweatpants


We’ve become kind of obsessed with sweatpants. A slim but soft silhouette of cotton seems the right choice these days, and hopefully not just because our food intake has gone up for the holidays. You might be skeptical, sweat pants might always seem like a sloppy choice, but take a look at how a few designers have been rendering comfy cotton in nicer shapes than the the average bulky pair. Won Hundred and Urban Outfitters are leading the way. The two brands collaborated on a pair that suits their more typical aesthetic of sailor stripes and prep, making us feel like the right set of sweats could be incorporated nicely into even a more tailored look. Mom might prefer a nice pair of chinos for the Thanksgiving table, but if you wear a long enough Oxford shirt over these joints, they’re so trim that she might not even notice your lack of button fly.

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  1. Its never ok to wear sweatpants in public.
    Unless, you are A. are going to/from an athletic activity B. you’ve given up on life.

  2. Jimmy says:

    Disagree. If society were more accepting of sweatpants in public, the world would have less of a stick up their ass. SO much better than work pants.

  3. andy says:

    there isn’t and would never be any logical excuse for wearing sweatpants. period.