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Video: Jody Breeze f. Big Gee, "Dope"

It's a bummer that this song will probably go nowhere like most post-Diddy helmed Boyz n Da Hood tracks. But Big Gee is consistently one of the more interesting rappers around that people don't seem to care that much about. He's prone to moments of extreme frustration and barely controlled anger on record, and usually that, paired with his baritone is enough for him to be the standout of any track he gets on. Here, though, he gets a little more complex—twisting and weaving through some fairly complicated drug talk. Not sure what his label status is, but a solo album of mid-tempo songs like this would go over really well for anyone that is hanging out waiting for Scarface to do something new.

Video: Jody Breeze f. Big Gee, "Dope"