Explorers Series: Alexi Wasser of I’m Boy Crazy

“The internet is really great because that’s where I do all my cyber dude trawling,” says Alexi Wasser of Imboycrazy.com. Wasser’s site is itself one of the reasons the internet is really great, with full rundowns of her lists of neuroses, dos and don’t, rants, love notes and whatever else makes up the nooks and crannies of your brain as a young woman looking for love in the 21st century. We spoke with her for our Belkin Explorers Series about how Craigslist may find her either love or murder, one of the great risks of a life lived online.

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  1. Morgan says:

    Alexi Wasser is such a fucking asshole – I hate that you guys are supporting her. She constantly mocks fat people and is generally a douche.

  2. ninek says:

    i am sure you’re fat, morgan.

  3. jo says:

    this girl is Hilarious. Good for her. I remember when she first started blogging 2 years ago. It’s crazy to see her progression.

  4. tim allen says:

    she tells girls to starve themselves, otherwise her blog’s cool i guess…or something.