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Video: Flying Lotus, "Zodiac Shit"

Go on YouTube and you can find about a billion emptily nostalgic videos that are just compilations of commercials from the early '90s, Watching them and sifting through the comments (not worth your time but whatever), there's a distinct haughtiness that's all about IT WAS BETTER WHEN I WAS A KID. And yeah, sure. Everything was better whenever you were a kid, unless your childhood sucked. No responsibility and an ability to get engrossed in the shittiest TV around. It never changes, it just mutates. All this is a long way of saying that Flying Lotus' all too brief video for "Zodiac Shit,"directed by Lilfuchs, is early '90s technicolor stoner animation bait and it looks great. We're probably not just saying that because this is more-less-what TV looked like when we grew up, but maybe we are. It's impossible to tell. Sorry dogs! Actually no we just watched it again, it's pretty cool looking even if you were born in 2004.

Video: Flying Lotus, "Zodiac Shit"