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Gustavo Oviedo at Art Basel

The first in our artist series presented at Exhibitalia is Gustavo Oviedo. A gentle giant who furiously creates in several mediums— photography, paints, and aerosol— Gustavo moved to Miami from Paris as a young turk. He settled into Miami and got immersed in the graffiti scene by getting in with bigger writers who mentored him. Slowly, Gustavo has cultivated an approach to painting that he calls "the particle style"— breaking down all his visions down onto a microscopic level, Gustavo views the world on a subatomic dimension only seeing protons, neutrons, and electrons as little particles that makes up this larger world we inhabit. His doodles and characters are an attempt at speaking the language of DNA. For Exhibitalia, Gustavo painted up a Fiat door with his particle technique using colors reminiscent of Miami's topography. Check out the video to listen to Gustavo further illuminate his vision created for Fader & FIAT USA. You can read more about Gustavo's creative collective at 131 Projects.

Gustavo Oviedo at Art Basel