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Phaseone, "Right Wrong" MP3


"Right and A Wrong Way" is one of the only songs from Keith Sweat's debut 1987 album Make It Last Forever that was not a huge huge hit. It's a blessed whine about how he is there to be taken by a lady who is a woman and not a girl. It's got a lot of tenor sax! For the B-side of Vol. II of Lefse Records' Way Slow series, it sounds like St. Louis producer Phaseone poured a bucket peach juice and Hennessy into the chord progressions from Sweat's song, made them more syrup and swollen. It's bullfrog blurpy too, some kind of cross between the feel of a soul cassette and a second-wave ringtone MIDI, both mediums assessed and wielded with knowing 2010 hindsight. Download Phaseone's 2009 album Thanks But No Thanks for free from Lefse and grab the Way Slow tape starting December 14th. Keith Sweat's flush and smarmy original, after the jump!

Download: Phaseone, "Right Wrong"

Phaseone, "Right Wrong" MP3