So Here is the Most Insane Music Video of All Time


Remember that part in Terminator 2: Judgment Day when the engineer at Cyberdyne Systems is all, “Hey dudes chill it’s just a microprocessor,” and Sarah Connor is like, “No you dipshit it’s Terminator” and he’s all like, “Fuck outta here”? Keep that in mind as you connect your Twitter, Facebook and webcam up to this intense and amazing new video for Japanese band Sour’s “Mirror,” created with html5 by all these people. We have a healthy distrust (fear) of technology so all of our personal data wasn’t captured as we watched it 900 times in the last hour, but you should totally do it and tell us what happens.*

INITIATE TERMINATOR SEQUENCE NOW. (suggested browsers are Chrome or Safari)

*We actually did it and know what happens and it’s pretty awesome.

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  1. Sir Indie says:

    One word and an exclamation mark: Wow!