Interview with Garrett Hedlund: Tron Legacy Will Have Sex With Your Brain

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In 1982, a director named Steven Lisberger tickled a generation’s imagination with a movie called TRON. Looking back, the predictive power of the movie is astounding.  Who could have imagined that 30 years later, we would be living in our own Troniverse, a reality fraught with light speed communiqués, digital farm maintenance, and Facebook integration? We will immediately posit this question to 600 friends with a status update.

We got a few minutes to chat with Garrett Hedlund, who plays Sam Flynn, aka Son of Jeff Bridges in the new TRON sequel. After being sucked into “The Grid” by the same laser that digitized his dad in TRON v. 1.0, Sam finds himself on a mission to rescue his pop, who has been imprisoned in the computer world for twenty years.

What was your initial reaction upon finally seeing the sequel?
Speechless. So thrilled and proud and just excited for everyone to see what [director] Joe Kasinski did, and Digital Domain, and Darren [Gilford] the production designer, all these guys worked so hard, and I’m so proud of every one of them.

How do you create a real character in a digital world?
It starts off in the real world. Sam was so affected by the disappearance of his father, and you got the abandonment issues there. You come from real life on that. It’s key for Sam’s qualities to be real in a technological world, and the story has to be there as well. This being a movie of a son searching for his father, that’s the jugular of this whole thing. Now you’re in this world of the unknown, trying to overcome obstacles and get out.

You do feel the strength of that father/son relationship. What did you and Jeff Bridges do to fall into that dynamic?
We arrived in Vancouver a couple weeks before we started shooting, and we all sat around a round table—me and Jeff and Joe and Olivia [Wilde] and Sean Bailey and Justin Springer and the writers, and we’d go through the script and improvise and rehearse some scenes, see if there was anything we could add or not. And there, we would talk to one another, talk about life, literature, music and spirituality. And Jeff is so inspired by all of these things and so wise on all of them as well. He’s such a unique person. Such a brilliant actor, every day, he was. He never ceased to inspire me.

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