Exclusive Premiere: Miley Cyrus, “Salvia Cackle (Witch House Remix)” MP3

Thanks to TMZ, video surfaced very early this AM of Miley Cyrus seriously tweaked out of her brain after smoking supposedly salvia through a bong (while listening to Bush!). Salvia or not, whatever she smoked worked because she is fucking freaking. At 1:14 of the video, she lets out a deranged cackle that haunted our future dreams and basically just called out for a remix. So we had our friend Wildarms7OOO whip one up. For the best Dark Side of the Moon/Wizard of Oz experience, watch our homemade video above (the mp3 is below and the original video after the jump). Also watch and listen while smoking a buttload of salvia from a bong. And if you can also go ahead and have a shmajillion dollars and your own Disney mega-empire, that always helps the highs get higher.

Download: Miley Cyrus, “Salvia Cackle (Witch House Remix)”

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  1. Kary says:

    HAHAH! thats hilarious! (cackle) hahaha

  2. Karin says:

    The ONLY reason Miley has any fame at all is because of her father….otherwise she’d be a NOBODY. To me she is a nobody. Never liked her, and never will. I’m glad we get to see these people how they really are. I’m sick of seeing how they “portray” themselves in public because that isn’t their real nature. Thanks TMZ!!

  3. karlos says:

    but wait….i thought miley didnt listen to rap.

  4. duh says:

    witch house R.I.P. 2009-2010

    the fader R.I.P. 1998-2006

  5. Nolan says:

    @ Karin.

    It’s not that deep lol Relax.

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  7. Al says:

    Salvia is not for partying, have respect.
    Blessings and a happy new yea!.

  8. Josue says:

    Im Miley Cyrus. Im Miley Cyrus. Im Miley Cyrus. Im Miley Cyrus. Im Miley Cyrus. Im Miley Cyrus. Im Miley Cyrus. Im Miley Cyrus. Gotta love the Lil B in the background :D