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Interview: Stella Schnabel + Ry Russo-Young

Age twenty-something displacement seems to be a recurring theme lately, if we might be so bold as to point towards that in tandem with publications like the New York Times. You Won't Miss Me falls right in line with a collection of movies made by New York-born and bred filmmakers who cook from scratch. They don't use real actors or large crews or big fancy lights, but they do use something that the big wigs don't often have—ideas! The film, written and directed by Ry Russo-Young and starring her former St. Ann's classmate Stella Schnabel, is a raw portrayal of a not-a-girl/not-yet-a-woman named Shelley Brown who has, to put it bluntly, problems. We recently chatted on-camera with the film making duo about some of those problems. If you're in New York and feel like you've got problems too—or even if you don't—then go see it at Cinema Village.

Interview: Stella Schnabel + Ry Russo-Young