Last Night Chelsea Handler asked Nicki, “What’s Up With Your Ass?”

And Nicki told her “nothing” then knocked her two pegs down deeper when Chelsea said she was acting “all Puerto Rican” and Nicki told girl to sit her ass down even though everyone on a chat stage is butt-to-chair already. No rooted agitation, the ladies made quick peace talking over Spanx, Eminem and what it is to be a ego driven, powerful woman. Chelsea thinks ladies are forced to have multiple personalities in business and pleasure and Nicki described how she has that covered with Queens Nicki, precious Barbie, Enraged gay boy Roman, his mother Martha and her new alter-anima rolling-R Rosa, who is maybe the big-sister “sweetie bitch bitch” type that can swing around Nick’s new model for modern day power heterosexuality: dude as boss in the bedroom, girl as boss in real life.

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  1. Cat says:

    Her ass is huge. I love it.

    _ cat [art+music blog]