Shopped and Scrooged #14: Buckyballs

December 16, 2010

Join us as we count down to Winter Gift Day (December 25) with our picks for the best presents to bestow on friends and family and that dude you have to buy something for in the office.

What it is. A desk toy made up of tiny magnetic balls.

What is it? A desk toy made up of tiny magnetic balls invented by a dude who used to be on Road Rules! Buckyballs (named for Buckminster Fuller) are little half-BB sized pellets that link to make a million geometric shapes and long necklaces. Can also be used to spell things on magnetic office doors. Mostly is best used unconsciously to pull apart and put back together under your desk while at meetings, something like high tech worry beads or a way more secular rosary.

Who do you give it to? Your coworkers who continually (continually!) steal your set, child psychiatrists who want to entertain fucked up but extra smart six-year-olds.

Where to get it., probably like aquarium gift stores or some shit.

Shopped and Scrooged #14: Buckyballs