Death/Traitors Conjures Up Darker Days


If you find the Christmas spirit lame, your shaman of choice Aleister Crowley over Santy Claus, then you might want to do the rest of your holiday shopping at the online store of Death/Traitors. The Brooklyn-based company conjures a a variety of graphics drawn from the world of cosmic mythology, a cabal of black cats, pyramids and very grim reapers. Our personal favorite is pictured above, an Egyptian Queen surrounded by thaumaturgic triangles, two bloody scythes, and an all-seeing eye. Not the best gift for Grandma, perhaps, but the right person will find these enchanting. Check out some Death/Traitors scarves, after the jump.

POSTED December 20, 2010 2:00PM IN STYLE NEWS Comments (2)




  1. Gnou says:

    I think the correct name is Death // Traitors or Death / Traitors, I guess…

  2. Alex Frank says:

    yoiu are Gnou! Thank you, we fixed it!!!!!