Shopped and Scrooged #16: Personalized Pencils

December 20, 2010

Join us as we count down to Winter Gift Day (December 25) with our picks for the best presents to bestow on friends and family and that dude you have to buy something for in the office.

We first found these You Are Beautiful pencils on a random tumblr with no link or context, which in retrospect is how we should've left it because it turns out they are part of a project that has as part of it's mission statement the following:

One by one people are being touched by the graceful truth living within us all and in turn are paying it forward every day. It started as three small words on a pencil that has grown to mean so much more.

Mm, it's still just three small words on a pencil, but okay. The point being that you should make pencils that say something awesome for someone you love because they'll see it every day as they write all their important bits of information on a pieces of paper. People don't really do that anymore, but we're going to send our moms, "Thanks for all the $20 bills I took out of your purse in high school!" Feel free to use that or make your own at a site like this.

Shopped and Scrooged #16: Personalized Pencils