Daily Inspiration: Yung Kee, “On Da Prowl”

Here’s how these things happen: photographer Marc Baptiste films freakishly flexible dancer Storyboard P blocking traffic in Brooklyn, we search “storyboard p” on YouTube cuz we are bored at 2AM, we watch Omarion get served by Storyboard or vice versa it’s hard to tell, we learn in the comments that this dude G. Nerd from Memphis has been challenging Storyboard P forever but Storyboard P won’t respond, we search “g nerd,” we watch a ton of Memphis Jookin’ videos and then filter them by upload date to find the newest ones, we watch the video above in which G. Nerd and his pals jook to a crazy song, we look through the comments to see what the song is and someone graciously tells us, and here it is: Yung Kee, “On Da Prowl” from 2009. So good.

Yung Kee, “On Da Prowl”

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  1. Sam Ham says:

    ballet meets dirty south