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Nicki Not The First Femcee: Rest In Power Magnolia Shorty

Early Monday morning 28 year-old New Orleans rapper Magnolia Shorty, born Renetta Lowe, was shot multiple times. She was found by police on the city's east side alongside a man, inside of a crashed car. Shorty became a part of Cash Money Records in the early '90s after members of the Hot Boys who she had played with as kids in the Magnolia Projects brought her around Baby and Ronald "Slim" Williams. She was given her name by rapper Magnolia Slim, now also deceased. When she was interviewed at SXSW earlier this year, she talked about loving Keith Sweat, Beyonce and SWV, and how she used her access to the stage as an opportunity to generously share her energy and emotions and create a zone where people could expect to dance and enjoy themselves. As far as we can tell, neither NPR, The New York Times or The Guardian have covered the event, but is all over it? On that platform Lil Wayne said:
lil wayne magnolia shorty
We agree. Warmest blessings to miss Lowe's family and those celebrating her life this week. A collection of video's featuring Magnolia Shorty, after the jump.

Nicki Not The First Femcee: Rest In Power Magnolia Shorty