Rick Ross f. Drake, “Made Men” MP3


October’s Very Own posted this labeled as a reference track, so maybe it’s set for Ross’ next album, already named God Forgives, I Don’t, a great title for certain, but as Rap Radar points out, is stolen from a Cory Gunz EP. But fret not Harlemites and Young Money internet gangsters, because Cory stole it from an obscure spaghetti western that probably stole it from some Italian book or the Bible. Also note Drake laying claim to Rihanna and Ross setting the modern record for celebrity references.

Download: Rick Ross f. Drake, “Made Men”

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  1. UK Boy says:

    C’mon Fader, Gunz is from the Bronx…

  2. Riche says:

    thats a funny photoshopped picture lol

  3. Ricky Ross says:

    Is anyone surprised?! He stole his name from a convicted felon while working as a probation officer. Why wouldn’t he steal an album title?! It’s actually very appropriate. “I’m MC Hammer!”