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Nicki Free Of Kanye's Still Beasty, "Monster (Kingdom Nicki-Centric Edit)" MP3


First things first: Think Kanye will step down from his not-even half artful anti-feminist cut of the "Monster" video in the final edit, now that he's caught in the fallout of his year end glory hands messed with the sad-for-him and generally foul color of clumsily wielded codes for lynching, sexual violence? We can't guess but feel it's likely the censors, editors and divas involved won't touch the storyboard for Nicki's verse, where she whips and interrogates and licks at herself, summoning a vortex of yin-yang energy so estrogen brawny and able that its easy to forget Kanye did anything stupid. In the situation's long run that may not be a good thing. Mostly, its a shame her part can't be a solo cut that we can YouTube alongside our granddaughters in the future, right after we show them video's like Missy Elliott's "The Rain", for instance. Maybe Nicki will make a movie in 2012? Until then, we can probably get an intern to loop her part of the video in a way that sounds and looks good. Kingdom's got the audio for that project, a clean take on you pulling back the cursor of your iPod to the beginning of the verse and a full haiku experience that may become, eventually, as haunting as an obsessed prayer: Pink wig get ass, make em blink fast. Blink fast, get cash. Money so tall! Girls climb it, climb it.

Download: Kanye West, "Monster (Kingdom Nicki-Centric Edit)"

Nicki Free Of Kanye's Still Beasty, "Monster (Kingdom Nicki-Centric Edit)" MP3