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Premiere: Sister Crayon, “I’m Still the Same Person” MP3

January 06, 2011

Sister Crayon uses a lot more samples than it sounds like and that’s a good thing, like the way they say the most effective design is the one you don’t notice. Fake guitar isn't the point here, it’s the voice on top, it’s where that’s taking you. Last night we were trawling our old Netflix rental activity for we-forget-why and Helvetica was on it, that’s where this is coming from. There’s an argument somewhere, artificiality that obscures vs. samples that make things clearer, but why even say it? It’s not half as pretty as strings played backwards, it’s not as pretty as this song. Sister Crayon’s full-length Bellow comes out February 22nd on Manimal Vinyl, and there are plenty of live videos if you look around. The drummer is charmingly real.

Download: Sister Crayon, "I'm Still the Same Person"

Premiere: Sister Crayon, “I’m Still the Same Person” MP3