Daily Inspiration: The Exploited, “UK 82″

Events in Tucson have everyone talking about toning down the hateful rhetoric and bringing respect and decency back to public discourse. All well and good, do it. Events in Tucson have also brought back the old argument of the media’s influence on troubled minds. We generally live by the Subway Rule, which is don’t do anything you’re not prepared to fight some lunatic over for ten minutes until your train reaches the next stop. However, what seems to be lost in all this moralizing is that there has always been inflammatory speech and provocative media, the difference now and here is that you can buy the same gun as your local police force at your local sporting goods store, even though you may have openly displayed mental illness or been mentally unfit to point a gun at an official enemy of United States as a member of the United States Armed Forces. All of which made us think of Alan Clarke’s 1981 made for TV movie Made in Britain, which starred a very young Tim Roth as a violent and deranged skinhead. The opening sequence features the song “UK 82″ by seminal punks The Exploited. The movie is about youth gone wild. The song is about hatred of the government. And yet there is no plot point in which Roth’s character saunters down to the Sports Authority to buy a gun so he can address his nonsensical grievances. Because he couldn’t. Loughner could and did.

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  1. silas aka simon says:

    so its the guns fault ??? how about people who defended themselves against an intruder or somebody trying to rob or rape them with a firearm. This whole ban guns becuase of one crazy doesnt float. How many people did he kill 6? Can we ban the goverment because of all the innocent civillians killed in iraq vietnam and every other war and lets no forget our country would not even be here if it wasnt for the genocide of native americans which would not have been possible without the tecnological advantage of a musket. The real issue here is mental illness and the fact hes a product of our society. The media demonizes these individuals but in the next segment shows and glorifies images of violence we are all responsible. How many people die from cardiovascular disease brought on by diets of saturated fats should we ban restaurants that serve those products as well ?

  2. silas aka simon says:

    With love and respect i forgot to throw in the proverbial no one is making you live in america if you dont like the second amendment and think you would be better suited for life in the uk then move there. I would also like to point out that people are killed by guns in areas where politicans dont go and no one cares about and all they get is a candlelit vigil or some shoes on the powerlines but since they were white and in politics the tragedy is valued more.

  3. silas aka simon says:

    With love and respect i forgot to throw out the proverbial if you dont like the second amendment then go live in th uk if it would suit you better. Also in areas where politicans dont go a tragedy will happen and all they get is a candle lit vigil and some shoes thrown on power lines. Why does this warrant a change in gun laws and a public outcry ? Answer because there white and in politics but the puertorican working in the bodega isnt even newsworthy.

  4. Peter Macia says:

    If you read again, the point is that a documented mentally disturbed person was able to buy a semi-automatic pistol with an extended 33-round cartridge at a sporting goods store, which is clearly not the intention of the Second Amendment, even in its most liberal reading. Please feel free to share the statistics that support the decline in home invasions correlative to the relaxation of gun laws. Responsible policy does not always translate to a violation of civil liberties, as you’re suggesting.

  5. zither says:

    It’s funny when hipsters pretend they care about punk bands.

  6. silas aka simon says:

    the 2nd amendment is pretty clear and your defentition of responsible policy is obviously different than that of arizona which would be why your atiitude is reflective of a societal concensus translating to the harsh gun laws in ny (not that i know you live in ny its just my guess based on location of the mag) but its my opinion that doesnt deter crime(ie the war on drugs) just locks people up for longer (which the prison guard unions lobby for) further destroying the family and societal structure already lacking in part due to socieconomic policies and related monetary corelations to employment etc therfore further debilitating the ability of a sociey to intsruct by example the children that invaribly fall into a cylce fueled by your responsible policy and this ideology extended into other laws is the reason why our prisons prison populations are predominatly black and latino. I support your right to live in a place where you feel that reflects your ideas of a society on a state level but nationally you should read the 2nd amendment again and yes your policy or what i suppose you policy would be as you would like to change that of arionzas on the most obvious level violates the civil liberties of people in arizona ie you wouldnt sell a gun to someone that meets the state requirments. Dont use this tragedy to bandwagon your political ideals which you do when you dont speak about he millions of responsible gun owners just one mentally unstable individual. Forgive my spelling and grammar im in a bit of a rush.