Interview With Tommy Lee Pt. 1: On Masks and Electronic Music

When Tommy Lee offered to open up the doors to his home recording studio for us, it was just around the time that we had seen Deadmau5 at Austin City Limits (for whom Tommy Lee sometimes guest drums). That, coupled with this gem of a video, triggered the notion that maybe Tommy Lee is more relevant in our lives than we thought and that also he is a really great drummer. We entered those recording studio doors ready to talk for a few minutes, and instead he talked to us for close to an hour about everything in the world—so long that we had to divide our video into parts. Here is the first, where Tommy, clad in a cut-off t-shirt that reads “Dirty Pantys,” waxes on the state of electronic music right now with interviewer Maud Deitch and camera-lady Julia Bembenek. Stay tuned for an additional video re: hovercrafts, segways, and the disappointing future.

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