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Stream: Best Coast, "When You Wake Up"

In a year and some change of hard-earned spectacle, our girl Bethany of Best Coast has gone from someone who spent the day in bed thinking about Beyonce and whether or not she should or could keep eating the Cheez-Its her mom bought to someone who's waking up early in the morning and beasting cardio barre classes late at night:

best coast twitter

But the problem of distance and the realness of loving in a song are the same for her as they were before: She wants to talk when her dude cannot, loves to hear him say he loves her, doesn't (necessarily completely) give a fuck whether he does or not because that's not the point. Black coffee and/or flavored seltzer toast to all the girls asking for and getting all the assurance they need before lunch time. The new Best Coast/Wavves split is top shelf over at iTunes.

Stream: Best Coast, "When You Wake Up"