Chris Brown is a Euro Dance Rave God Now


Briefly, Chris Brown was a rapper. But that was about a week and a half ago. He’s moved on to the world of foam parties and people sunglasses that look like ski goggles in the club with this ridiculously bombastic track, “Beautiful People,” as produced by Benny Benassi, who is the most heard DJ by people on E. See you on the beach in Ibiza, Breezy.

Download: Chris Brown, “Beautiful People” (prod. by Benny Benassi) (via Rap Radar)

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  1. _blk says:

    formula shite

  2. cultdream says:

    vents…stripes….whatever you want to call that tactical absence of hair

  3. Neickha says:

    Its obvious that your not a CB fan.. No one said he was a “GOD” Of Euro-pop.. He had Euro inspired records on his last album.. HE started off rapping when he was younger but decided that he would take the singing route… He raps for fun and he loves music…. His genre is R&b/pop .. Cb makes all kinds of records different genres like: rock inspired (Matrix 12 strands) Pop, like ( Forever, Yeah3x , Pass out feat. Eva simons) R&b (Take you down, No bullshit, etc) and hip hop based songs like (Look at me now, Deuces) He rapped a lil on his second album… Hes an overall artist. #BREEZYdoesIT alll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for paying attention.. cuz if you talking good/bad at least your thinking about him.

  4. truekool says:

    So glad the Fader is spending its time writing about Chris Brown, he is so much more worthy than another musician you could possibly consider. Hope more Euro-Dance makes its way into The Fader, there is a serious lack of appreciation for this pure art form

  5. jamie says:

    this article is just stupid. nuff said. whether you hate or love chris brown this article is just stupid.

  6. I feel like eating a glowstick now…

  7. Sage says:

    Do it Chris Breezy! Love this world sound!!!!!I love Chris versatility…

  8. Blaque says:

    Come on. A rapper? You obviously don’t know a damn thing about Chris Brown, unless that’s some sort of racist “code word” for young, black male. Is it? What are you trying to say, Schippner? Chris Brown is and always has been a SINGER. Next time, do a little fact checking before you write, otherwise you look incompetent…like now.

  9. Matthew Schnipper says:

    He raps on “Look at Me Now,” which is linked to.

  10. Blaque says:

    So, because he rapped on ONE SONG, that makes him a rapper? Well I guess Justin Timberlake is a rapper too, since he rapped on a song with Jimmy Fallon.
    Dude, don’t make excuses for your mistakes; learn from them and move forward.
    The only correct response is “my bad; Chris is a singer, not a rapper.”
    Anything else makes you seem like you don’t know what you’re talking about. Chris is probably the closest artist to the late MJ right now in terms of a performer and you are trying to compartmentalize him into the category of rap.