Ke$ha f. Andre 3000, “Sleazy (Remix)” MP3


We’re going to subtitle this post: A new Andre 3000 song in 2011 as produced by Bangladesh. Such a big beat. Two of our favorite weirdos in rap join with, well, another weirdo in rap. In the NY Times recently, Jon Caramanica made his case for calling foul on calling Ke$ha a pop star. “Pretending Kesha isn’t a rapper is no longer feasible,” Caramanica writes. “In the past she was accused of appropriating the style of the white-girl hipster-rap curio Uffie, but here, on songs like “Carnival” and “Crazy Beautiful Life,” she might be channeling Kid Sister, or more to the point, they’re both channeling L’Trimm, all sneering saucy talk.” We agree! And even without Andre, this song is pretty good. But with him, all staccato, I only say this in cadence so it don’t get negated/ I was going to save it for later but later look like maybe, it’s better.

Download: Ke$ha f. Andre 3000, “Sleazy (Remix)”

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  1. TopBananas says:

    good job dude, cut her garage a$$ part out!!!

  2. Bryan says:

    carnival??? do you mean cannibal???

  3. B.S. says:

    “And even without Andre, this song is pretty good.”

    Um, not so sure about that.

  4. Nolan says:

    Weird. I hear more of a Sleigh Bells sound than Kid Sister.

  5. beyonce says:

    vc sabe que eu sou sua amiga emtao seja feliz