Miguel Sang “All I Want Is You” To Us In Our Small Conference Room

We sat down with Miguel last week on the brightest snow day ever to discuss bi-coastal baby making, unfair talent usage and and finding acclaim on the new information super highway: the tweeter. He also sang for us in halo sunlight, creating some mild, professionally-tempered hyperventilating. You’re right Miguel— it would be very wrong for you to use that voice to woo ladies out of their harem pants. Congrats on the Grammy nod!

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  2. Nadia Monyea says:

    I love Miguel. I listened to this over and over and over…. He is the best. Literally. No one will compare.

  3. meluvmigmoneyy says:

    i love the way he sings i get chills everytime<3 ughh i lovee yuhh <3

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