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Stream the New Destroyer Album Kaputt

In the March 2006 issue of The FADER, then editor in chief Alex Wagner subtitled her cover story on Dan Bejar, "Destroyer and the Struggle to Make Something Strange and Beautiful With All Our Lost and Forgotten." In it she explains the thought behind it: "Destroyer is driven largely by a fascination with the things that we've lost somewhere along the way, whether through marginalization or expiration or lapsed faith." With Kaputt, the tenth Destroyer album, that hasn't changed, but Bejar's execution of it has mellowed dramatically. Kaputt drifts by on daydreams of real adulthood, when they're less about conquering the world and more about the reasons you didn't. It's great, no surprise. Listen below and read Wagner's cover story here.

Stream: Destroyer, Kaputt LP

Stream the New Destroyer Album Kaputt