Who Cares Who Made “Sicko Cell”?

For the 99.9% of the world unaware, the latest song to set internet sleuths on the path to reveal secrets is “Sicko Cell,” or “I’m The Information,” depending on what you google. During recent sessions at London’s Boiler Room, both James Blake and Oneman played the track, credited to an as-yet-unnamed producer. Since then, everyone who cares about such things (like us), has submitted their guesses as to the producer’s identity. Dummy made a list of the leading contenders. We’d maybe add Braiden to that list, but who really cares? What we learned from Burial, and then Zomby, is that it doesn’t really matter who, in the here’s what this dude looks like and here’s where his mom lives sense, made it. In the end it will be some skinny British kid who likes weed and Drake. A computer beat Ken Jennings at Jeopardy for god’s sakes, let’s just agree that humanity needs to start keeping some secrets and hold them tightly in sweaty, probably not great smelling basements. Song is crazy, though.

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  1. Hahaha “In the end it will be some skinny British kid who likes weed and Drake.”
    Most likely. Good sentiment about secrets. One day we’ll find out and very little will change.