Purity Ring, “Ungirthed” MP3


When you hear thirty seconds of chopped-up, pitched-up, slow attack “yeahs” in 2011, you can usually predict the next two minutes: chopped-up, pitched-up, slow-attack “yeahs.” When Megan James comes out singing though, it’s something so different. Last night we accidentally ordered a pizza with no cheese. It was screwing up the game a bit, we made a lil face at it, and then we smashed it. Picked up crumbs with our thumbs after, no dots left behind. The moral being: surprise! No cheese pizza is actually great. Purity Ring pulled a fast one here, stuffing a bubbly pop song into the electrostep-whatever framework. Maybe not what you expected, maybe the best choice after all.

Download: Purity Ring, “Ungirthed”

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  1. Virus says:

    Norton Internet Security says that the download link leads to a malicious website. Just sayin’…

  2. O. James says:

    track is pure chaos! I love it… searching for the track found a this diamond in the rough.

    gobble gobble