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Cam'ron and Vado, "And You Don't Stop" MP3


Yesterday Cam'ron told Miss Info that he's going to one-better Kanye (and Timbo and Snoop and Swizz and your neighbor's brother with the wild twitter) and leak new songs not once but twice weekly, on Mondays and Thursdays, until Gunz n Butta comes out. In this second of those releases they're wearing old-fit boots, calling out dude's broken Rolex and throwing rose in the tub to chill. What else? Bob Barker couldn't price this vitality! Cam’ron, Jim Jones and Zeke (no Juelz) got easy slouched on the couch cross from Sway last night on MTV's RapFix Live. Asked how the make-up happened, Cam, in a lapiz puffer and matching fitted, said that Zeke never had any problems with anyone. Everyone else came to terms after following a talk with Cam had Snoop Dogg where Calvin noted that that alone he can do whatever he wants but when he's with Dr. Dre its "sprinkles and its miracles and its stars." Dipset will play a show together next week in Toronto. Cam and Vado will report back to the internet with some new on Monday. Some clips from yesterday's summit, after the jump.

Download: Cam'ron and Vado, "And You Don't Stop"

Cam'ron and Vado, "And You Don't Stop" MP3