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Daniel Steinberg, "Hold You Tight" MP3

It's Friday in the pit of January; we said "sorry thank you" to all the snow-shoveling dudes we plopped in-the-way-of while moving towards work this morning. Now we're eating smallish minneolas (tangerine pomelo) one after the next trying to maximize our vitamin energy, hoping that when its dark out and we leave here we'll be be giving off sweet and bright orange vibes. If we lived in Berlin, where Daniel Steinberg's from, it would be dark almost all day in the winter. We'd go home after work and eat some kind of spread on bread kind of thing, take a long nap, drink three vodkas then head into the subway at 3am with a light beer in-hand, refreshed and ready to go get into some four-story industro dance hall mess. This weekend we're staying here in the boroughs, will not bring any open containers onto metro transit or nap at all. But we'll have solid shoes on and dream about the kind German/Moroccan/Jewish chicks we met in Berlin one time. They had little pink diamonds glued to the tops of some of their teeth and showed us their wedding videos. Hope this weekend they're held well and spirit-wiggling to something as solid and long-abiding as this 7-minute dream. Front Room Recordings is releasing Daniel's debut album Shut Up later this month.

Download: Daniel Steinberg, "Hold You Tight"

Daniel Steinberg, "Hold You Tight" MP3