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Live: Light Asylum in New York City

In the tall hours of Martin Luther King Day, Light Asylum played a fashion party basement rave. Some girl had no pants on, serious headbanging thighs out. Some guy picking up lazer light, thrashing it like a drunk saber. The show deserved it. Light Asylum is New York City's house band, deep analogue duo of heavy vibes/spiritual riffs. Bruno Coviello, centered at the keys, Shannon Funchess, unleashed by her voice, this band has got some power. Above, watch "End of Days" (vampires on the airwaves! the promised land!), after the jump catch "A Certain Person" (big braying!) and "Knights and Weekends" (catchy aggression, plainly, simply). Special thanks to guest camera-lady Ursula Mann for catching some of the action.

Live: Light Asylum in New York City