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Ducktails Plays "Don't Make Plans" in His Kitchen

When we arrived at Matt Mondanile's aka Ducktails' doorstep with some cameras, suffice to say it was a bit of a bombardment. Just hours prior he had fallen ill at band practice and spent the rest of the afternoon rehabilitating himself on the couch. Poor dude! But we made him give us an MTV Cribs style tour of his one room apartment anyways, and although he didn't have quite as many lounging areas in his house as featured in one of our favorite Cribs episodes, he had a couch full of lounging bros and a kitchen full of instruments to serenade us with. Unfortunately the "tour" was a little lacking in spunk—so with the help of some friends, we spliced things up a bit. If the audio seems a little out of sync, it's probably just your imagination...

Ducktails Plays "Don't Make Plans" in His Kitchen