Battle of The Blunts: Wiz Khalifa vs Domo Genesis


Early this morning Wiz Khalifa announced that the album your sister is waiting to buy from him will be released soon, on March 29th, and that it will be called Rolling Papers. Too bad that’s already the name of the recent release from OFWGKTA’s most stoney dude Domo Genesis. Domo felt surprised and unswagged:


In the long look of history, the albums will stand on their own—Domo’s is egged on by Tyler and dark as shit, Wiz’s will have singing, Too Short, Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg and Curren$y. Hopefully all droopy eyes involved can roll along past it, share in each others joy. Which release do you wanna crumble herb to most?

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  1. Dommi says:

    Fuck no Domo made one of the best albums of the year. Wiz is being a biter.

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  3. Strider says:

    Taking Domo’s album title directly after he released it is not very swag at all. Has Wiz really not heard of Domo? Spitta’s been fucking with him, Smoke DZA fucks with him, shit he has to have heard of him. Weak shit Wiz.

  4. tokyo says:

    Domo’s goes hard , I’m not even anticipating Rolling Papers by Wiz smh . Lame move .

  5. 5nakefork says:

    wiz kalifa is a talentless blow hard who’s only notable talent is laughing in a high pitched, geeky, annoying squeal over every track..Domo kills him. make way for real talent and drop the name wiz…by the way, he goes by “WIZ” – shit sucks.

  6. TJ says:

    damn wiz you lost mad respect for that move. Give domo his album name bac.

  7. ayyyj says:

    Still don’t understand why Wiz has the following he does. Anybody remember “Say Yeah”? Straight radio garbage, and now everybody is all about him? Whatever. OFWGKTA makes interesting music, Wiz doesn’t. Done.