Mike Skinner’s Got a New Streets Mixtape But He’s Being Kind of a Dick About It


Mike Skinner announced a month or two ago that, as a companion to The Streets new album, Computers and Blues, he’d be releasing a mixtape, Cyberspace and Reds, whose user sourced artwork is above. Well, he did that. Kind of. If you download the Mike Scanner app then scan the big bar code on his site, and then the bar code of “the side of a 300g tin of tomato soup by a well known brand” and then, voila, free mixtape for you! We love you Mike Skinner, we love scavenger hunts, but we would rather just give you some money in exchange for music. If you, however, are so inclined to fast forward your understanding of iPhone technology, the first bar code is here. We have at least finally mastered the basics of googling, so we know there is a Soundcloud player loaded with this new mixtape. Listen to it here.

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