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Video: Nicki Minaj Bodied SNL

Last Saturday night NBC pulled an unprecedented Queen Bitch monopoly, holding the attention of Nicki Minaj, John Waters, and Mark Zuckerburg in the same place for one evening. Minaj performed one of the less commanding songs on Pink Friday, "Right Thru Me", wearing a Gladiator bodice on an O'Hara petticoat. Her hair was like Frenchie's from Grease, with some additional poodle-stack skyward lift. Onstage she stayed relatively standstill, localizing her dance moves somewhere between the crown of her head and her shoulders, letting her neck-cocks and smoky-eyed head waves say it all. Producers managed to write host Jesse Einsenberg into her orbit in a Turner Classic Movies on Blaxploitation spoof called "Bride of Blackenstein," where Jay Pharoah repped Jewish girls for a second, telling Eisenberg that like black women, they don't suffer the foolishness of their husbands without agitation. The punchline of that skit was Minaj's backside, but her all the way body-talk was best honored by her "Moment 4 Life" performance outfit: a full coverage tattoo-print body suit (with a mock turtleneck!), topped with over the knee boots and the Blackenstein wig. See both skits and "Moment 4 Life" after the jump.

Video: Nicki Minaj Bodied SNL